Tokyo Marathon Training Week 6: Speed work.

Finally I’m back on plan. And this was a lovely little session. It started with 1.5 miles easy warm up. Ten lots of strides then 6x200m in 54seconds. A 5km run at 6 minute pace. Followed by 6 more 200m in 54 seconds and a 1.5 mile easy pace cool down

I went down onto the Thames Path at Thamesmead to run. It’s quite beautiful with wide flat paths and lots of greenery and whilst this wasn’t a difficult or taxing run, it was beautiful to have some structure back in my running.

My schedule eases up a bit in the New Year and I should be able to make more time for running. But 9 weeks out I now finally feel I’m on the road to Tokyo and it feels good

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December 27, 2019

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