Tokyo Marathon Training Week 5: Long Slow Run

After not running much at all the past few weeks I’ve now run twice in two days. This was a real celebration run with two of my best friends, Pete and Vin, we were joined on the run by Pete’s unbelievably cute dog Moses.
The run was a little 10 miler, I felt a bit sluggish for the first 5km but really settled into my stride after that, I love running with friends, the distraction makes the miles whizz by and I stop overthinking everything.

The run was great up until about 13km, when I just had to dig in a little, but by time we got to the final km I was happy to pick up the pace again. All in all a nice run and I feel a bit more back on track.

Someone asked me on Social media about my highlights from the year. Really there are so many, but my absolute favourites have to be:
1: Running Awards 2019 winning first prize as blogger of the year
2: Being invited to represent Spinal Research as an ambassador
3: Running the Berlin marathon (I ran a lot of races this year, including London, but this was undoubtedly my favourite)
4: My book Run! A book for Real Runners being voted as Best Running Book for the 2020 Running Awards
It’s been quite a year.


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December 22, 2019

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