Book Duo Bundle: Running Through Life’s Challenges & RUN by Alistair Jones


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Life is not always a smooth path. It has its ups and downs and a variety of challenges. For many running has proved to be invaluable in helping to stay fit, lose weight, reduce stress and build the confidence and self esteem needed to increase happiness and successfully negotiate all the challenges life brings our way.

In his latest book, award winning writer and blogger Alistair Jones “Running Mr Jones”, provides more of his unique poems and inspirational phrases that will encourage and motivate runners of every ability.

Included in this book are a series of articles about how start running, how to run faster and further as well as sections on fuelling, hydration and maintaining your enthusiasm and mental strength when times get tough.

Together we can continue running, running through life’s challenges.


I want to thank you for unknowingly helping me to get out of bed some days and get out there and run. Today was one of those days. Rohan Allen

Reading your tweets moved me to start running. Today I did my second 5k. I’m 58, overweight and haven’t exercised in 20 years, but you make me feel like I’ve achieved something by getting out there. Stephen Henson

Without your words of wisdom, there would be days I would simply give up running, your book is my bible. Julia Hilliard

A fantastic book that helps us all to run, stay fit and keep healthy. I love your poems. Latif Patel

A book bursting with well written, sometimes poignant motivational poems. Ideal for any runner to pick up when they need that extra little boost of motivation. T W

This book captures every emotion a real runner goes through. It provides a passionate addition to anyone’s running adventure. Tracey Pink

I love, love, love this book. Written from the heart by a runner for other runners. Some of the poems are poignant, some funny, some uplifting. You won’t be disappointed. Simon Gerhardt


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