So … week 4. And my running is still all over the place. This is my third run of the week, but the first I’ve recorded. I ran 7 miles easy and did a little tempo run this week, but I did them without watch or phone. I’ve been feeling quite distracted by the numbers recently. I keep comparing to previous training cycles and the distance that I’m off on my numbers is depressing. So too alleviate the pressure, I ran without gadgets. The running was fun … the downside is that I’m faced with the realistic truth of the maxim: If it’s not on Strava did it even happen? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I won’t be doing unrecorded runs again for a while.

So this run was pretty good, not as in the zone as my long run last week, but the legs worked well and the miles flew by. It was lovely to run a few of these km with Pete and chatting about our running plans, especially being out in New York together was really exciting.

My plan had asked me to run further today. But I’m good with these 10 miles at the moment, there is plenty of time to ramp up the distance over the coming weeks.

All in all this week was ok. I have a determination to get closer to my plan going forward 😊


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