This was a lovely little run. The plan said 2k easy. 1k of stretches and strides. 5k at less than 5min/km; 10x100m sprints at sub 4min/km finally 2k easy to finish. Being the doofus I am. I forgot to restart my Strava for the final 2km

It’s been a while since I’ve run quickly (for me) and my legs were moaning, but it was good to lay down a decent 5k time (23:10) even if it was a bit of a struggle. The sprints I loved.

This is a big running social weekend with the Orbis challenge event tonight and the RST ball tomorrow. I’ll probably add some pictures to my runs this weekend. My training plan is definitely not going easy on me. But it probably knows I’ve been lazy since Berlin and wants me back in the groove. So far so good.