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My training has been a bit messed up this week. I skipped my Tempo Run on Friday as I had a half on Saturday, which I ran as a Tempo Run. Because I’d run on Saturday, I didn’t do my LSR yesterday, allowing myself a break before taking it on today. I set out deliberately slow, aiming to try and maintain even pace at just below 6 minutes/km and I managed to hold that pace pretty well with a comfort break in the middle of the run.

The psychological benefits of doing a 20 mile run are huge. You know it’s just another 10k to marathon distance. Good news. As expected this has highlighted that my training is off the pace I had for London. The comparable run in that cycle was under 3 hours, but where I am at the moment, I’ll take that.

From hereon in my Berlin Training is up in the air. I go on hols this week for a month. I’m not sure how much running will happen while I’m away, but I will do my best.


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