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This was tough. Maybe because I still had yesterday’s run in my legs. (I don’t know how you runners who do back to back long runs manage) but primarily because my health still isn’t quite right. I was finding my breathing laboured from the first kilometre. I tweeted today about long runs being more about your mental strength than your physical strength, so I was determined to complete this run whatever.

The first 5k were a bit of a mess really, but after that I found a bit of a groove. At 10km I met Pete and we pushed through the next 10km without too much difficulty, through Charlton Park, Greenwich Park and around Blackheath. There is something very satisfying about going over 20km (and there is something very satisfying running with Pete) we decided to stick together for another 5k. I managed 25k last week quite easily. This week I found it much tougher and my plan was for 28, after I waved goodbye to Pete I decided to take the pace back a bit more and view the last three km as cool down.

It’s done. That’s 2/3rd marathon distance. I’m going to the doc this week to find out what’s not right with me, but for now the training has stayed on track. Slow. But on track.


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