Today’s run was the run I should have done yesterday but couldn’t fit in. It comprised:
3 km easy to warm up
5 km at sub 5:10/km pace
10x100m at sub 4:00/km pace
3 km easy to finish

It was great to be back in stride with Pete again. We always have a great time together and he gets all my foibles 🙄

The run went well, for the first 3km we kept putting on the brakes so that we didn’t go too fast. The speed part (relative phrase) went really well. Round about 5 mins per km. pushing but not absolutely as hard as I could.

Pete and I had fun with the sprints. It’s crazy to think that the pace I sprint at is so rubbish that Kipchoge runs 42.2km considerably faster than I run for 100m.

All in all a good run and slowly the mojo is returning. Having a goal really helps. Also loving my Runners Heal vest. Running tops that feed hungry kids. What a great idea.


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