So here we go again. 6 weeks after London and now the Berlin training cycle begins. I had such a good run up to London, the first 13 weeks were almost perfect, until I injured my hip 3 weeks out, which ultimately compromised my race.
So what can I take forward into my Berlin training. My head is in a different place, whilst I was excited and confident about training for London, I have some apprehension about Berlin. My absolute priority is to reach the start line healthy.

Because of this I’ve decided to train more gently. I’ll still do the miles, but I’m going to do them slower. I won’t be afraid to skip the odd run if I have a niggle and I’ll stick to the time targets set for me, rather than try and beat them. I’ve also decided to try hard not to break my runs, I often meet friends en route to run together and I fell into the habit of long hellos, which broke my runs up a bit. I’m going to try and run without any stops, even if it means I run slower.

Today’s run? I’ve been kind of sticking on 10k recently, but my assigned run today was 7 miles easy at 6:07/km pace. That equates to about 11.3km – it turned out the extra distance was fine and the pace although I still ran a bit faster than I should have, was consistent and easy.

All in all an easy enjoyable run. It’s lovely to have a goal to work towards again. Hopefully this training program will be a good one for the whole 16 weeks!PhotoPhotoPhoto