I felt quite stiff after Friday’s run, so although I’d planned to do this run on Saturday with my training partner Pete, I had to sack off and go back to the usual plan of running on Sunday.

My assigned run was 28km at 5:42/km pace, I changed the goal a little bit though, because I wanted to go a little faster and try and run a sub 2 half with no pushing. To finish a half running at marathon pace, but leaving me able to feel I could do it again.

I set off gently and by km 3 felt I’d found my stride, just rolling along without too much effort. At the ten mile mark I picked up my friend Vince and we did the last 12km together.

I reached the half mark at about 1:56, which was great because I still felt good. I stopped my Garmin at this point to record my half and carried on recording the rest of the run on my phone.

The last 7km went well, I picked up the pace a little and ran to 28.2km so I could tell myself I’d run 2/3 of a marathon. Next Sunday I have to run a half, then that’s it with the long runs. Training has been quite a journey. This was a confidence boosting run 28km below marathon pace, I’d definitely take these as my first 28km at London.