The main component of today’s run was 80 minutes at 5:17km pace. This is faster than my race pace, so I wondered how it would be having to maintain it for so long. Being fair a lot of my runs recently have been around this pace and the 80 minutes passed quickly and inside the assigned pace.

Today’s run wasn’t about running though. Today’s run was an angry run, a rejoicing run, a sad run, a guilty run, a run full of memories, a run laden with grief. Last night my good friend Morris passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was well along in years, he was in agony, he didn’t want to go on, his wife couldn’t bear to see him suffering and yet death still always feels like a defeat. Today’s run was for you Uncle Morris.

The technical stuff about the run:
2 miles easy
10x 100m stretches and strides
80 minutes @5:17/km
2km easy
Distance turned out to be a half – I like the total time. A lot.