The toughest part of this run was fitting it in, a very busy Sunday meant I needed to be home by 9am. Allowing 3.5 hours for the run meant being out at 5:30 on the night the clocks went forward. I have a friend, Rav, who runs every day and is usually out before 6, so I thought I probably wouldn’t die 😂😂

Alarm set for 5am, kit laid out, nipple tape applied the night before (I knew I’d forget otherwise) and somehow by 5:40 I was running. It was dark, chucking it down with rain and pretty chilly. The wine and pizza from the night before certainly wasn’t the best fuelling. 🙄

The first hour in the dark was pretty lonely, but once the skies started lightening and the miles started stacking up, I fell into a really comfortable groove. I was trying to run to a set pace of 5:40/km and according to the audio prompts on my phone I was maintainIng that pretty well. (My Garmin made me a few seconds slower)

I’d planned to pick up my running partner Pete after 15 miles and we ran the last 6 miles together, holding the pace really well. At 27km I remember thinking to myself, how are you going to manage another 15k on top of this? But at the end of the run another 5 miles seemed very attainable.

All in all this wasn’t the fastest run, but I’d run it off the back of a long fast (for me) run on Friday, on very little sleep, bad fuelling and at silly o’clock. I know I can do better than this and that gives me confidence.

It was so good to have my training partner back. In 4 weeks time Pete and I will be marathon finishers. Pete Mack … this long Run is for you!