This was easily the longest speed session I have been assigned. With 19km of running. I couldn’t run early this morning so had to wait until lunchtime and it was really quite warm.

Today’s assignment was:
2 miles easy warm up
10x100m stretches and strides
2x1mile at 7:37min/mile with 60 seconds recovery jog in between
Straight into 30 mins at marathon pace 5:39/km
Straight into 2×1 mile at 7:37min/miles with 60 seconds recovery jog in between
1.5 miles easy to finish

I tried to keep the warm up easy, ran slow, felt great. The first two miles were good, felt relaxed and in control. It didn’t feel too bad going straight into the 30 minute run, I had planned my route though to go past water fountains to rehydrate … every single one was dry … I wasn’t actually thirsty, but the lack of hydration especially on a warm day was nagging at the back of my mind.

Going into the second set of two miles was certainly a challenge, there is something about accelerating that I find difficult. The first mile was going pretty well until I got tangled in one of those extending dog leads, I lost my stride for a while and missed my target time. The final mile was back on pace.

This is my biggest week of training and its strange to think that after Sunday’s run, I will be tapering. I’m taking comfort from the fact that my training has undoubtedly improved me as a runner. I know that I am both faster and stronger than I was at the beginning of the year. I’ve managed to stay injury free and to stick to the plan. Best of all I’ve really enjoyed it.