I’ve waited to post this run, to allow the initial disappointment to pass and allow all the great bits of the day to sink in. Let me start by saying The London Landmarks Half is an amazing race. It’s hard to believe this is only it’s second year, they have got so much right. Fantastic support, great route, brilliant music. All good in every way. Ok there was some bottle necking at the start and across Trafalgar Square but nothing too awful.

My race started well and went well up until about mile 8 when we running partner hit a wall, it was a surprise because he’d trained well and was in good shape. Although we tried to pick up the pace again it wasn’t possible so it was case of complete rather than compete.

My finish time of just over two hours is my worst half time ever. So what can I take from this run? Firstly I’m taking that I ran a half in just over two hours and felt like I hadn’t run. Often after a half I’ve asked myself, could I do that again? For this run the answer was Yes, no doubts.

I’m also taking that sometimes things don’t go to plan and that is no one’s fault. I’m a selfish runner and for once it was good to do the right thing and run with a mate.

Finally I’m taking that I have a race with unfinished business. London Landmarks 2020 I’m coming for you and I WILL post a decent time.

My #TeamSpinal teammates were immense and it was lovely to bump into some awesome fellow runners. All in all a great day, even if it didn’t feel like it immediately afterwards.