I messed up the recording of this run on my Garmin, forgetting to restart it before the intervals. The full activity was recorded on my phone and the intervals can be seen in the photos.

Friday’s Run is always my speed session and this week’s speed component was 16x200m at 4:10/km pace followed by 200m recovery. The target time for each 200m sprint was 50 seconds and I’m happy to say I nailed each one.

The full workout was:
2 miles easy
10x100m stretches and strides
1 minute recovery
16x200m in 50seconds with 200m recovery jog
1.5 miles easy to cool down.

These speed sessions are my favourite run of the week, this one was challenging because of the number of repetitions, but my legs kept going. I’ll be VERY happy when these blooming March winds stop.