After the Big Half, my training plan, which is adaptive to my running, stiffened up a bit. My “easy” pace has dropped from 5:57/km to 5:42/km

So the plan today was 7 miles / 11.3km at 5:42/km pace.

It wasn’t easy. For two reasons. I chose to do laps around a local common. It was wet and a bit muddy so the going was hard. The other reason was the 40mph wind blowing into my face for the longest section of the run. It literally took my breath away.

Enough moaning. I found my stride and stuck with it. Week 10 is underway. On Sunday I’ll be attempting my longest run. By the end of this week I’m hoping that I’ll be marathon trained and the last 5 weeks will just be fine tuning. Gulp. It’s all got very real.