Today my plan had a Tempo Run of 1 hour at 5:30/km pace, with a 2.5km warm up and cool down either side. I decided not to stick to the plan, but rather do an easy 10km because …
1: I’m on holiday in Barcelona
2: my food and alcohol intake said no to running
3: I have the Big Half on Sunday which is basically a two hour Tempo Run.

However, today was also the 365th day of my friend Rav’s runstreak and I wanted to run today as my #RunWithRav to celebrate.
Also one of my favourite runners I’ve come across on Twitter, Colin Johnstone is in Barcelona for the Marathon on Sunday. The opportunity to run with Col is a dream come true and one too good to pass up.
The result was a lovely run around the streets of Barcelona, a bit quicker than I intended, a bit slower than Colin has ever run before 😂 Col you’re a great guy and I wish you all the very best for Sunday.

So this holiday week has been negotiated without too much disturbance to plan, I’ll get my head down again now. Really looking forward to the Big Half and a chance to finally taste some of the London Marathon course (in reverse)

Colin, Rav. Today I salute you both. Amazing runners you both are, thank you for letting me join you for a while!