We had to juggle our schedule this week due to commitments tomorrow. The downside was that I could still feel the 12k from yesterday when I started running.

The plan said 27-29km, I really wanted to do 29. The target pace was 5:59/km but after last week’s run I wanted to do the first half marathon at marathon pace (sub 5:40) and then slow down for the last few km. At least that part went ok. The first half was quite easy and keeping on pace was a breeze.

The next part was tougher. My legs got tired by km 23, I was still rolling along OK but easy pace wasn’t as easy as it should have been.

When we got back to Pete’s we had only just gone over 27km. I know I should have run the extra two, but Pete makes exceptionally good coffee. So 27km at a reasonable pace on tried legs. Today that has to be good enough. That’s half way to training for London. Bring on week 9.