Pete and I made a couple of big decisions about today’s run. The first was to up our distance to 30k and the second was to run at Midday to experience running in warmer conditions.

We set off a little quicker than we intended but found a great groove and just rolled along for the first 15km. At 15km we met our friend Vince and headed down to the Thames Path to do the second half of the run. Once we were by the river we caught a second wind and the rest of the run was just a case of finding a comfortable pace and sticking to it.

My assigned run today was 25k, by time we got to 30k I still felt good so I rolled out another 2.2 to round off the 20 miles. There was at least another 5km in the tank, but common sense said to stop.

I couldn’t have stuck to these long runs without Pete. So this run, my longest yet is dedicated to my good mate, my running partner, my brother in crime … Peter Mack, I salute you!